Got an idea?

New clients are ready to “comic” when THESE ELEMENTS ARE MINIMALLY PREPARED IN MIND.


• Your Idea

• Your audience

• a describable final delivery form

(You need to know whether you’d like your comic to be solely/primarily digital, physical, for a blog location, book printing, article illustration, etc. Thoughtful descriptions about vision for final product)

& these physical materials collected and organized


• All necessary supportive materials need to be organized and on hand for delivery to S.P.

(To process and consider best strategies for project completion, articles to be submitted will need to be reviewed by SP BEFORE significant work is done on any contract. S.P. focuses on data-driven, direct-experience stories, so there is always a minimal amount of material that will likely need to be delivered. Please begin organizing this material in well-labeled folders for digital transfer)

Awareness that future writing may be required

(S.P. uses interviews, worksheets, and casual conversation to get at the heart of your story. But sometimes it’s best to have clients take a moment and think—on paper for our purposes. From time to time written material may be requested always weighed against the needs and abilities to deliver.)


Please fill out and return this worksheet to help you understand this more fully and help us get you started as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Any questions may also be sent to