Comic Has Arrived!!!

How to order:

Kindle: Here.

Hard Copy: Here.

Hopefully the locations of where you can receive digital copies should increase in the coming days/months. I will keep you posted.

IMG_8087 (1).jpg

Drum roll…Comic RW-94 has arrived!!!

This project has been alluded to on social media for several weeks now, but details for good reasons (that will be discussed later) have been withheld up to this point. What can be said is that this comic discusses the conflict of 1994 in Rwanda and is a co-authored project with Christian Davenport.

The new comic project will become available in print and digitally for Sale April 6th. Stay tuned for details on pricing and where to purchase.

Updates to this project will now mostly find their way to (where you can already become a Patron and support this comic which projects to include around 3 dozen issues, at least).

But some will find their way here on this site as well. A new Gallery Page has begun and samples and artwork will start becoming updated there.